It's an art!

I feel like I'm the luckiest son in this planet earth, why? Because I have the coolest Mom ever, she knows me better than I know myself
And she knows what looks good on me, including what should I wear! She always has good taste in fashion, it's simple yet significant. 
The best part of all is she can make her own outfit, and that's mean she can also make for me! Like these 3 shirts she made specially for me. We got the fabrics from Mayestik, then in only 2 days, I got super awesome shirts that no one has

The first one is a blue floral shirtI always want a floral theme shirt, but never found the right one, it's either too colorful or too silly to wear :p 

The second one is this brown shirt with white flowers as the details, it looks really good with my dusty green pants (at least I think so :p) 

The last one is inspired by Pajama Shirt, and well because blue is my favorite so we go with that color! My mom told me this one is the hardest to make, however she rocked it! 
And I super love it


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