What to eat in Bangkok!

Mau, mauu, mauu? Semua makanan ini adanya di MBK (bagian luar), Siam Paragon food hall, dan Chatuchak weekend market. Harganya gak sampai 100Baht atau gak sampai 40ribu Rupiah. What I love the most about Bangkok is the fruits, entah kenapa somehow buah2an di sana menurut gw enak-enak banget! 
Oh iya, tips buat yang mau makan enak di Bangkok, kalian harus berani nyoba, pesan aja semuanya, jangan takut gendut hehhehe yang penting cari yang halal yaah :) 

Here and There

There's something new on my cubicle! 
I decided to put a personal touch by adding wallpaper, plants, and a little bit of everything that I love. I spent most of my time here, so this is how I appreciate my work space :)

Anak Kantor

Karena hidup cuma sekali, sebaiknya dinikmati, diketawain, dibikin seru aja ;D
Boleh banget loh kalo mau di share videonya 

Beautiful Labuan Bajo

Guys, check out the complete guide what to expect when you traveling to Labuan Bajo, NTT! It's a 3 days 2 nights stay on a boat, all the beautiful islands, little storm, plus all the tips you need to know. Enjoy :)

It's an art!

I feel like I'm the luckiest son in this planet earth, why? Because I have the coolest Mom ever, she knows me better than I know myself
And she knows what looks good on me, including what should I wear! She always has good taste in fashion, it's simple yet significant. 
The best part of all is she can make her own outfit, and that's mean she can also make for me! Like these 3 shirts she made specially for me. We got the fabrics from Mayestik, then in only 2 days, I got super awesome shirts that no one has

The first one is a blue floral shirtI always want a floral theme shirt, but never found the right one, it's either too colorful or too silly to wear :p 

The second one is this brown shirt with white flowers as the details, it looks really good with my dusty green pants (at least I think so :p) 

The last one is inspired by Pajama Shirt, and well because blue is my favorite so we go with that color! My mom told me this one is the hardest to make, however she rocked it! 
And I super love it

pure love

Welcome to my imagination world, all this artwork was sketched and designed by me. The inspirations mostly was from the fashion world. I used lots of pastel colors, flowers and birds this time. The objective was to create something calm and relaxing. 
x.o x.o enjoy it guys 

What went wrong?

Goshhh....it's been a long time since I posted anything here. One of my friend reminded me "Kenapa lo nyantumin blog lo di Instagram tapi gak pernah diupdate?" 

Well to be honest lately I feel not creative and don't have as much energy as I used to have. Is it because of age factor? 
Dulu waktu jaman kuliah, pertama kali gw punya blog ini kayanya semangat banget, I want to show the world my creations, sekarang mau ngapa2in aja bawaannya udah males duluan. Makanya tahun ini gw cuma bisa maksain diri buat selalu ngegambar. Lately bahkan udah jarang banget mau megang kamera, do I still love photography? the answer is YES. 
Photography is always my first love. 

Ini salah satu foto pertama yang gw hasilkan, Mushola dan Awan yang indah didepan rumah :) 

I'm not really good at story telling, perhaps because I don't like to read as well. Itulah mengapa blog ini kebanyakan isinya ya cuma foto dan gambar. 
I share my life through pictures and sketches. 

Like this one, this is when I was super happy, I was traveling to Sumba at that time, and I knew someone is waiting for me in Jakarta

Or this one, I still remember, I sketched this when I was in high school like 3 years ago (yup 3 years LOL) 

and this one when I got my heart broken for the very first time, barusan aja gw liat semua isi blog gw, and I still remember exactly semua yang gw rasakan saat gw posting sesuatu, gila ini kaya buku diary yang gak sengaja dipublikasikan. Yang pasti gw gak pernah cerita secara gamblang lah apa aja yang terjadi dihidup gw :P Cukup dengan gambar dan photo saja. 

Well, what ever happened, thank you buat semuanya yang sudah menyempatkan diri membuka blog gw atau menyukai karya gw. I really appreciate it. Thank You